The Pride of the Foothills

An Overview of Glendora Citrus Valley

Known as "The Pride of the Foothills," Glendora is an affluent city located 23 miles east of Downtown Los Angeles, 17 miles east of Pasadena, in the San Gabriel Valley, with Azusa to the west and San Dimas to the east. Encompassing a total land area of 19.6 square miles of breathtaking mountain views and idyllic streets, Glendora is the largest of the cities in the east San Gabriel Valley and boasts an exceptionally low crime rate.

Originally referred to as Citrus Valley due to the wealth of citrus groves that populated the landscape, the San Gabriel Valley has become an immensely popular place to call home, with many local businesses and institutions adopting Citrus Valley into their names. Glendora was founded April 1, 1887, by George D. Whitcomb, who fused the name of his wife, Leadora with the location of his home in a glen of the San Gabriel Mountains. The city was incorporated in 1911.

Residences in Glendora vary in style, from multi-family condo developments, to 20th century bungalows, to modest ranch style homes, to grand mansions.

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A Haven for Hiking, Golf, and Enjoying Nature

Due to its moderate year-round climate and stunning terrain, Glendora is the perfect place to get out and explore the great outdoors. The Parks and Recreation program provides activities for a wide range of citizens, including Camp Cahuilla Summer Kids` Day Camp. The Glendora Country Club, featuring an 18-hole golf course, offers membership by invitation only and has been played by many professional golfers. The City of Glendora in addition to several lush parks, owns and operates a 9-hole par-3 golf course, Glen Oaks, which offers a driving range, instructional services, and a practice area. Glendora has plenty of opportunities for exceptional hiking. With scenic foothills and trailheads scattered throughout the city, an exciting experience is never too far away.

A Business-Friendly, Green Community

In 2014, Glendora was named the "Most Business Friendly Small City in Los Angeles County," citing the city`s small business loans program, low cost of doing business, and ease of access to City Hall representatives for problem solving. With close proximity to the major economic hubs in Los Angeles and Pasadena, Glendora is a popular bedroom community. To make it even more appealing, a high-speed light rail Gold Line station is planned, giving residents who commute a green alternative to reach major destinations throughout Los Angeles County.

Exceptional Standards of Education

Adding to its small-town charm and appeal to families, Glendora has one of the best education systems in the state of California and the United States. Each public school in the district, including the elementary schools, middle schools, and Glendora High School, is designated as a California Distinguished School. The Glendora High School Tartan Band is highly acclaimed and a consistent participant in the world-famous Tournament of the Roses Parade, held every New Year`s Day and broadcast globally on television. Glendora is also home to Citrus College, the oldest public community college in Los Angeles County.

An Emphasis on Preserving History

Running through a designated residential neighborhood is the Historic District, located in the vicinity of the Glendora Village. This charming section of the city captures the nostalgic feeling of a 1950s and 1960s small town, with gum drop trees lining main thoroughfares. Many television shows and movies have used this area as a set for time-period pieces or to capture a quaint, peaceful village atmosphere. A War Memorial and City Hall are also located within the Historic District. In addition to the Historic District, Glendora is also home to Rubel Castle, what is considered to be the first major recycling project in the United States. The structure was built over the course of 20 years by Michael Rubel and is made of concrete, scrap steel, rocks, bedsprings, coat hangers, bottles, and other pieces of material. The City of Glendora set up a Historical Society to oversee and maintain many of the city`s historical sites, including Rubel Castle and the Historic District.

Dining Options Aplenty

Residents of Glendora enjoy several dining opportunities and establishments, ranging from national fast food chains to classic California favorite In-N-Out Burger, as well as local fine dining, such as Clubhouse 66, Luca Bella Fine Foods, Mauricio`s, and Hana Haru`s. Glendora is also home to the famous Donut Man donut shop, which is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and boasts "the best strawberry donuts in the world."

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Glendora`s scenic, foothills location coupled with its small-town, tight-knit community and widespread traditions make it a popular destination for visitors and residents.